Getting started with Bundles

Most people don’t use Export Scripts in Hype, so it remains a powerful and vastly underused interface. The manager extension enables you to use a wide range of helpers and tools by offering a shared and dynamic interface for export script functionalities..

To get started, you need to install the manager extension (no installation package yet) and follow the manual installation instructions. The project is currently in public beta.

Manager Extension

including Closure Compiler API

Background knowledge

What is the Manager Extension and how does it work?

The Manager Extension is an alternative way to extend Hype. It allows you to easily create bundles of functional and modular export helper, interface additions, and custom variables. These bundles can be thought of as a form of Export Script, however they have some limitations as certain actions cannot be easily shared (eg. file moving). On the other hand, they're easy to combine, install and manage.

Your first bundle

Logic and Expressions

Now it is time to install your first bundle and see what the Manager Extension can do for you. The bundles are easy to install: just download and drop them into the Bundles-folder.

This bundle for example enables you to use variables, expressions and function calls directly from timeline, interaction, scene and symbol actions stacks.

Manual Installation Instruction (in Beta)

This is only needed to be done once. Further, bundles placed in the /bundles folder don't require this step. Once this has a proper update and package installer, these steps will not be needed either.

  • Open Hype (you need a Pro-Version)
  • Navigate to Hype → Settings → Export → Show Exportscript folder
  • Copy the downloaded files into that folder
  • Open the terminal and type "cd " (trailing space, no enter)
  • Now drag the ManagerExtension.bundle into the Terminal (full path appears, hit enter)
  • Then type "chmod 755 Advanced\" and hit enter
  • You should be good to go by enabling Advanced Capabilities in the Hypes Preview menu or when exporting (you can choose the export scripts there as well)

Use at your own risk! Don't download extensions from untrustworthy sources!